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Kushan Naranwala

Welcome to PIXELvoiz. I am a professional photographer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Love taking photographs of Events, Newborns, Fashion and Portraits. I am a modern photographer with a bit of natural touch. That’s why you see my photos very sharp and same time they looks very natural.

In year 2018 I have created this website to show my passion about photography. Please take your time to visit Portfolio and read the Blog. If you love to learn photography from the beginning then please subscribe to my YouTube channel with over 100 camera tutorials for beginner photographers in Sinhala language. I am using Sony alpha a6400 mirrorless camera and Sigma prime lens only.

Stay safe, stay creative.

Kushan Naranwala – Creative Photographer / Content Creator
Some Feedback

I love my clients

What they said on last time was “you understand what we really want. Thanks for been such a kind and honest person, we will definitely come back for you!”



Thanks for been here with such a quick notice. We are well impressed with the work you have done!

This time it was far better than previous birthday party, we will definitely call you again and again!

I am on cloud nine when see the outcome of such a small birthday party. Thanks for taking it seriously!