Hello beautiful people! I am Kushan Naranwala and welcome to my website. I am a YouTube content creator and a hobbyist photographer… just kidding 🙂 as a profession I take event photographs specially on kids birthday parties! I have created this website by myself and in here you can enjoy the stuff I do. Please take your time to visit Portfolio and Blog pages. If you have any inquiry do not hesitate to contact me!

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Photography Tutorials

Learn all the stuff about Basic Photography like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed., etc.

ISO photography basics

Those who are like to learn about Mirrorless camera technology and thinking of switching to mirrorless camera. Sony a6000 is the best entry level mirrorless camera in the market.

sony a6000 tutorials pixelvoiz

Lightroom is a fun software to learn not only because of its fun it can create the magic!

lightroom tutorials pixelvoiz

After all I am having fun with creating vlogs time to time and most of them are related to Photography as well.

sinhala photography vlog pixelvoiz

how to update firmware sony a6000

Tutorials for Beginners

I create tutorials about photography. I have created more than 50 videos tutorials. please visit my Pixelvoiz YouTube channel.


Best Lens for Sony a6000

Have you ever wondered which lens will suit after kit lens? Sigma 30mm F/1.4 lens is my recommendation for your Sony a6000 camera.

Photography news and tutorials


Godox X2Ts wireless flash trigger is a much needed one of the best option for your off camera flash photography. In this …


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Camera bulb mode help you to create beautiful dramatic long exposure photographs. If you new to photography, long exposure photographs help you …


Shooting manual mode is the most fun part on photography. If you are a beginner photographer and I would highly suggest and …


Memory recall shooting mode is a function that help you to save customized camera settings in 3 different formats. If you need …


Sony a6000 program auto mode is the most ridiculous shooting mode I have ever found in a camera body. But in this …

Mobile phone photography

It was just a normal day at Pettah. Do not feel shy to take pictures in the public. I felt like taking a picture of this Lotus tower and did’t know it may looks this much better after done some few editing in Lightroom and on Photoshop. Click the below button to see my mobile phone and Lightroom photo retouching tutorial.