Picture quality of a photograph doesn't add value but the story behind it.

I born urban and like to take city street photographs.

PIXELvoiz capturing spirit of the moment by using Sony a6000 mirriorless camera.

Lotus Tower also known as Nelum Kuluna is a unique infrastructure build on recent history we know. 365m tall and highest in South Asia.

I like to take event photography with my Sony a6000 camera and I do tutorials for beginners

I am based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰

Photography Tutorials

I am not a professional but I like to teach what I know. If you do event photography Sony tutorials might be helpful which is on YouTube in Sinhala3_easy_tips_for_taking_good_photograph

My main camera is Sony a6000 which is a mirrorless camera under Sony alpha series.asian man sony camera flash

Adobe Lightroom is a tool you must learn if going to do some serious photo retouching and editing.Adobe Lightroom photo retouch tutorial Sinhala

See all my vlogs about how I take beautiful photographs and general tips about how to be a street photographer.

I am doing my best to motivate young photographers in Sri Lanka to carry their passion.

Have you decide to buy a camera? please watch this tutorial before buy your camera.


I am in love with landscape photography with Sony a6000 camera.


Night lights photography is what I like to do when its boring.


Sometimes I may be effective at event photography if you couldn't find better photographer let me know.

Be passionate on what you like most.

If you are new to photography just take your time and start creating. Do not worry and do not compare your creations with others. You are unique you are born with talents.
Video Tutorials

Consultations are FREE!

If you are a beginner photographer and need some free advice about how to take artistic photos or need some advice when you buying new Sony camera or equipment.