In this video I give 5 advice about how to avoid most common beginner photography mistakes and fix your photography journey. Soon after buying new camera photography beginners will face many uncertainties.

  1. Camera Gears
    Do not panic about buying all those camera gears in the beginning you just need main camera gears like kit lens, batter and memory card. as a beginner photographer you better learn about manual mode, aperture, shutter speed and ISO rather than worrying about gears there are lot to learn in the beginning. you may consider how to shoot in natural lighting conditions and make your own camera angles. start collecting photos to your portfolio.
  2. Manual Focus
    Avoid using auto focus mode and tell camera where you need to focus by yourself get in to manual focus mode.
  3. Camera Settings
    Avoid changing the settings you do not know. most common mistake any beginner photographer do change their camera settings without read proper document or guide and ending up with lose of photo quality.
  4. Camera Angle
    Make your own patterns and culture do not just follow ordinary people. do your own thing start shooting by changing camera angles.
  5. Inbuilt Camera Flash
    Avoid using inbuilt camera flash. practice taking your photos by changing aperture, shutter speed and ISO values instead of using the flash. most outside photos doesn’t need a flash. check my inbuilt flash user guide tutorial for more info

Note down those photography essentials for beginners. these little tips and tricks will help you. as a beginner photographer I also did lots of mistakes. you don’t have to do the same. never stop learning.

Start taking photos now! practice practice practice.

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