5 most important factors before buying camera

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Before we start you have to answer yourself. What is the purpose of having a dedicated camera? You going to spend your hard earned money while there are plenty of options left,

  • Furniture
  • Electronic items
  • Education

OK let me help you with taking that decision.

  • You might have desire to become professional in the field of photography. Capturing those beautiful moments like weddings, events, and sport or landscape photography.
  • Do you travel around the country? Want to collect those beautiful memories?
  • You might experimenting social activities – street photographer such as a journalist.
  • You might hanging around kids and friends
  • Going to start a YouTube channel – camera for vlogging
  • Or you just rich and want to spend money?

Hope now we have an answer and need to buy a dedicated camera! Now let’s talk about the factors we should consider before buying a camera.

1. Factor – Camera brand

Your whole photography journey starting from this point because the brand you selecting now, Can not be change in future. You going to develop your skills and passion with the brand you select today. And all the lenses you buy in future cannot use with some other brand cameras. In photography world there is no such a good brand and have very few brands such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji-film and the Sony.

2. Factor – Image sensor

Image resolution is very important when you taking photographs, digital cameras and phone cameras cannot competing with DSLR cameras. Because DSLR cameras are built for Image taking purpose only and it take best effort to take full quality pictures you need.

3. Factor – Interchangeable Lenses

Make sure you buying a camera with use variety of lenses in the market. Wide angle lens, Speed lens, fish eye lens, telephoto lens. My advice don’t buy a lens until you get used to kit lens which comes with the camera.

4. Factor – Camera features

Here are some important features you might consider in your new camera,

  • Auto focus, steady shoot, high speed shooting
  • Face detection (eye detection), animal eye detection
  • 4K video recording, video stabilizer, Mic jack
  • Built in flash, expandable memory, HDMI output
  • View finder quality / Monitor brightness (touch screen)
  • Built in wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Battery life
  • Tripod socket
  • Weather proof

5. Final Factor – Future proof?

You going to spend whole lot of hard earn money for an electronic device and can it survive for next 2 or 3 years?
Future is always evolving, consistently improving. What if your camera become outdated and new technology come within next years? Mirrorless or DSLR, Mirrorless mean hybrid version of DSLR and Digital cameras. Due to many positive factors Mirrorless cameras are the future.

Bonus tip!

If you buying a new camera it’s nice if vendor can provide these extra accessories and services,

  • Camera bag
  • Tripod
  • Memory card/Extra Battery/Battery charger
  • Cleaning kit
  • Discount or any other after sale services like free of charge service withing 1st year of purchasing

So make sure to watch the video few times before you going to buy your new camera!

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