About PIXELvoiz warmly welcome you to my website. Pixelvoiz tag line with “capturing spirit of the moment” is a thought and idea of mine to showcase my creative skills portfolio. I am 35 years old living in Colombo, Sri Lanka a beautiful tropical island surrounded by beautiful Indian Ocean. 

In 2018.01.13 I decided to buy a camera and I am grateful CameraLK for the guidance they have given when I was in two mind to choose a camera. Sony a6000 is an affordable best beginner camera, master piece of Sony engineering! I decided to create website and showcase my portfolio with the photos I taken and the videos I have created. and yes this website designed by myself.

I have multiple flavors like nature photography, landscape photography, sunset and sunrise photography, street photography, and night life photography with cool light trails, recently I am much more getting into capturing people portraits. sometimes I use my Samsung S10e mobile phone, DJI Osmo Action camera to create content. I use Sony a6000 and Sony a6400 as my main cameras.

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Title: Capturing Fashion’s Essence: My Role as a Photographer for a Clothing Brand Influencer in Sri Lanka


As a photographer for a clothing brand influencer in Sri Lanka, my role extends beyond capturing images; it encompasses portraying a compelling narrative through visual artistry. My lens serves as a storyteller, weaving together the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka’s vibrant culture and the unique identity of the clothing brand. My passion for photography and fashion synergizes with the influencer’s vision, creating a harmonious partnership to showcase the beauty of clothing and the allure of the island’s diverse landscapes.

  1. Understanding the Brand and Influencer:

The cornerstone of my role is to comprehend the clothing brand’s ethos and the influencer’s style. Through close collaboration, I immerse myself in their inspirations, aspirations, and aesthetic preferences. This understanding empowers me to visually align my photography with the brand’s identity and the influencer’s personality, ensuring a cohesive representation in every image captured.

  1. Bringing Sri Lankan Landscapes to Life:

Sri Lanka’s picturesque landscapes offer a captivating backdrop for fashion photography. My role involves scouting locations that harmonize with the brand’s essence and the influencer’s clothing choices. From pristine beaches and lush tea plantations to ancient temples and vibrant cityscapes, each setting enriches the storytelling aspect of the visual narrative.

  1. Emphasizing Cultural Heritage:

Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage is a treasure trove of inspiration. I work closely with the clothing brand influencer to infuse traditional elements into contemporary fashion photography. By juxtaposing modern fashion with ancient customs and motifs, I highlight the country’s deep-rooted traditions, creating an impactful visual fusion that resonates with both local and international audiences.

  1. Collaborating with Models:

Collaborating with models is a key aspect of my role. I seek to understand the influencer’s vision for each photoshoot and meticulously select models who can effectively embody the brand’s spirit and the essence of the clothing line. My direction and guidance during the photoshoots ensure that the model’s poses and expressions perfectly complement the garments, evoking the desired emotions.

  1. Crafting Compelling Visual Stories:

Beyond single images, my role is to curate stunning visual stories through photo sets and campaigns. I use the art of sequencing images to evoke emotions, intrigue viewers, and create a lasting impact. By developing coherent narratives, I elevate the clothing brand’s messaging and the influencer’s story, forging an intimate connection between the audience and the brand.

  1. Staying Updated with Fashion Trends:

As a fashion photographer, I continuously keep myself abreast of the latest fashion trends and styles. This enables me to offer valuable insights to the clothing brand influencer, ensuring that their visual content remains contemporary and appealing to the target audience.

  1. Adapting to a Dynamic Industry:

Fashion and influencer marketing are ever-evolving landscapes, demanding adaptability and innovation. My role requires flexibility and the ability to stay ahead of trends, integrating new techniques and technologies into my photography to keep the brand and influencer’s image fresh and captivating.


As a photographer for a clothing brand influencer in Sri Lanka, my work is a fusion of creativity, culture, and collaboration. I take pride in visually narrating captivating stories that celebrate the brand’s identity and showcase the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. My lens perpetuates the magic of fashion, immortalizing the influencer’s sartorial journey while leaving an indelible mark on the fashion industry in Sri Lanka. Through my art, I strive to inspire, connect, and captivate audiences worldwide, and in doing so, I embrace the essence of being a visual storyteller in the realm of fashion and photography.