In this video tutorial I will explain how to increase camera brightness with ISO. ISO adjustment is the easiest way to prepare your camera for low light situation. for the tutorial I am using Sony a6000 camera. Sony a6000 has ISO range from 100 to 25600.

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In a camera there are few ways to increase the brightness. One way is increase aperture, another way is decrease the shutter speed. Today we going to talk about the 3rd way which is increase ISO.

  • Select manual mode in main dial – always choose manual mode to learn about camera
  • Press the ISO shortcut key
  • Increase the ISO to match the “0” exposure compensation

Select the minimal ISO always to reduce the noise always keep in mind ISO create unwanted noise at 100 you get lowest noise and at 25600 you get most noise.

Now lets take a photo in low light situation by using 16-50mm kit lens and Manual mode Open the lens aperture to maximum in kit lens you can open it up to 3.5 keep the shutter speed at around 1/80sec. to reduce the blurriness. Gradually increase the ISO to balance the exposure compensation.

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