Dell Ultrashap IPS monitors series has great and well optimized color accuracy which is much needed for Graphic designers are Photo Editors. Dell Ultrasharp 24 inch monitor U2419H has main features like 99.9% sRGB color gamut, Dell Easy Arrange, arsenic free, 99% Rec 709 color gamut, 85% DCI-P3, 16.7 million colors, Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating and many more. So If you are a content creator such like graphic designer or a Photographer / Photo editor this monitor is for you and good for multi monitor setup since it has zero bezel.

Buy the monitor :

Don’t forget to use supporting VGA card to enable full capabilities of this monitor. I am using Nvidia Gforce GTX 1060 6GB graphic card.

Customer experience related to Dell monitor I bought from Barclays Computers Sri Lanka and here I share my negative customer care experience happened while I was trying to claim warranty for my Dell 24inch IPS monitor. This is a true and accurate review from my point of view. Warranty claim start 11 July 2020 and I received the claim on 30 July 2020.

Barclays Computers customer care service which is very negative and most of Sri Lankan computer shops in Unity Plaza following same negative practices without caring about to innocent customers for many years now.

When I try to claim warranty for my monitor they refused to take cables even while I am offering them with the box. when my monitor arrived from DHL courier from Malaysia (that’s what they said) Barclays staff members opened the packaging to show me the monitor working and they plugged the power cable and tried to prove that monitor is working, asked me to carry it home, when package was opened they took original cables and refused to give me the original cables came with the monitor they said I haven’t hand over the old cables when I offering my monitor for warranty claim. I assuming this is how they cut down prices and offer cheap prices by robbing original packaging stuffs.

The cables Barclays robbed from original Dell Ultrasharp Monitor U2419H as below,
1 Power cable
1 Display Port cable
1 USB upstream cable

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