DJI Osmo Mobile 3 – The Phone Gimbal and Stabilizer

Company Intro

DJI also known as (Dà-Jiāng Innovations) is an Electronic technology company based Headquartered in Shenzhen, the silicon valley in China and doing business all over the world. They have unparalleled research and development team who can bring ideas to life.

DJI Industrial Fields

  • Consumer
  • Professional film making
  • Enterprise
  • Military – search & rescue
  • Agriculture and energy infrastructure

This Chinese company is popular among Photographers and Videographers due to their quality innovative products such as


  • Drones – Phantom, Mavic, Inspire
  • Action Camera – Osmo Action
  • Gimbals / Stabilizer – Osmo Pocket, Osmo mobile 3, Ronin series
  • RoboMaster – Robotic education
  • Components – Smart Controllers, Digital FPV systems

Mobile phone videography comes in handy these days due to improvement of social media and the improvement of camera & equipment technology advantages. Many content creators just starting their creations with the hand mobile phone. If you like to create and record nice and smooth video from your hand phone then you will need some stabilizer like Osmo Mobile 3.


Osmo Mobile > Osmo Mobile 2 > Osmo Mobile 3

Good and Advantages

  • Easy to use good for kids and teens even old men like me
  • Price – $119
  • Can take anywhere with you in the pouch or hard case
  • You get free tripod, USB to type-c port cable can use with any other devices
  • Good for film making and story telling
  • Good for vloggers who record yourself
  • Attractive color and design (people come near you and ask what is it)

Osmo Mobile 3 Design & Technology

  • Eliminate shake – 3 axis gimbal (smooth stabilize videos)
  • Dynamic design
    • Foldable – 405g
    • Battery power up to 15hours almost whole day
    • Battery Charging time 2.5hours
    • You can charge your phone on the go with this thing!
    • Portable (light weight, responsive, react in real time)
    • Single Hand – Grip has 15 degree angle
    • Joystick
    • One touch Record button
    • Tripod mount

With DJI Mimo app – communicate with smart phone with Bluetooth technology,

Creative shooting modes

  • Story mode – One tap templates adding movements, music and effects to your story, save and publish to social media in few minutes.
  • Gesture Control and selfies
  • Active Track 3.0 – track your face or the thing with one click
  • Smooth hyperlapse – with electronic image stabilized (EIS), gimbal stabilize and active track 3.0 you can create better smooth hyperlapse from your mobile phone!
  • Panorama – create 3×3 automatic panorama in 180 degree
  • Timelapse – shrink the time and move and create
  • Slow motion – only support for IOS
  • Sport Mode – capture quick actions
  • Quick Roll – Portrait to Landscape mode
  • Dolly zoom – add some fantastic cinematic touch
  • One hand control without touching the phone
  • Mimo app can download free from Apple apps store or Google play store – Tutorials, Product support, Stories, Community and support other Osmo products like Osmo pocket and Osmo action camera.

Now let’s talk about the bad

  • Everything depend on your phone and it’s camera
  • No water resistant
  • Don’t drop I feel it’s fragile
  • Hard to stabilize and record yourself without a tripod
  • It’s not much hard to stabilize but if you did it wrong your phone over heat
  • Can’t comparing to its big brother Osmo Pocket lots of draw backs can’t talk now
  • Sometimes it’s annoying kids and people come and ask what is it :p

Ok guys that’s it.

now go create! Peace.

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