This video is about how to find used #camera and equipment to buy in Sri Lanka. Not like Canon or Nikon, Sony branded cameras are bit rare to find and in this video I will help you finding a camera and deals.

My main sources for finding camera is and the even on now there are plenty of used camera listed under even myself bought an used Sony a64000 camera from the website. Its smart using mobile app for quick updates about listed cameras.

In here you can see Canon 5D Mark II camera body and Nikon Lenses. Nikon D800 also going very cheap. You can see the shutter count also. and you see 70-200 lens also for reasonable price. some people sell them for money urgency and some sell because not using. some people intend to sell full set of body and lenses and with other accessories. just give them a call and try to negotiated with them if you have any favorable camera equipment.

If you planning to find camera studio equipment also can be found in both and websites. for awesome camera deals I recommend the website they have good weekly and seasonal deals.

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