How to Choose Best Memory Card for Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera

Choosing a memory card for your camera is very critical. Need to choose preferable memory card to get best out come from your camera. XAVC S the best and highest quality video mode on Sony a6000 camera only working when you have 64GB memory card. If you don’t have 64GB memory card? don’t worry you can use AVCHD mode is the mid range quality of video mode on Sony a6000 with any size of memory card.

In this video I will explain critical areas to consider before buying a memory card for your Sony a6000 Mirrorless camera.

Highlighted areas
What is read speed?
Highest quality?
Write speed?
Backup plan
Memory card storage box

Sandisk 64GB SD Card –
Lexar Professional 64GB SD Card –
Sony 64GB SD Card – (best match)

When choosing a memory card you need to consider about what has written on the card. On the memory card it has mention the Read speed like 90MB/s and the capacity of the memory card like 64GB. and you can get some idea about Write speed also but for best of knowledge its better to read the description to know about actual write speed. Sony a6000 camera support up to 90MB/s

Normal scenario read speed of 90MB/s is about how speed your memory card can transfer data (Images) to another source like computer or laptop. basically it mean copy speed from data card to PC.

Always make sure to have backup plan with your memory cards. Keeping a memory card storage box is secure method of carrying multiple cards with you.

MB/s is the index shows speed of the card which mean mega bytes per second.

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