How to Update Firmware on Sony a6000 Camera in this tutorial I will show you step by step about how to do proper firmware update on a Sony mirrorless camera. just do exactly how I did and you won’t mess up with it. Firmware updates are very crucial but awesome thing to you can do for your outdated device.

What is firmware? firmware is a set of new instruction to your device what firmware basically does installing new set of instruction to work with old hard ware integrated in your device. after releasing some product some manufactures testing and upgrading software to work well with new technology so they make these firmware to work well with new market behaviors.

New Sony a6000 firmware version 3.21 what basically does Improve your your old camera and making it better with Auto focusing abilities. if you face difficulties with auto focusing then its better upgrade to this new firmware version.

It is not a must to do firmware updates you can still take better photos with Sony a6000.

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