ISO Photography definition for Beginner Photographers

ISO Photography definition stand for Image Sensor Optimization. In other word how to control your camera for light. ISO also just like the brightness in your mobile phone, but as we can customize many settings in a DSLR and mirrorless camera, ISO can customize to get best out from the photographs you taken. but do not take it wrong ISO is not the meaning for the International Organization for Standardization its a separate organisation and nothing to do with your camera ISO.

An Image Sensor

Three pillars of photography basics understanding ISO is main exposure element. Other two is Aperture and Shutter speed. I guess you guys already know about Aperture and Shutter speed. If you haven’t seen my tutorials please follow the links. Even though you learn whole lots of things as I saying everyday practice and practice until you satisfy.

About ISO Photography definition or the Image sensor optimization. I think its always better to read about already known things about ISO so therefore you have to learn Advantages and Disadvantages of ISO. Then we can talk about how to avoid those disadvantages to get maximum from our photography exposure.

ISO word come from the old day film rolls may be if you born after 1990’s you have not seen them in real.

Advantages and Benefits of ISO

  • Increase low light capabilities
  • Decrease camera limited compatibility issues
  • No need of extra gears like tripod or flash
  • Good for indoor activities with limited lighting conditions eg: Birthday party, Indoor sport events
  • Enable us to use camera when there is limitation to use a flash eg: Art, Painting photography
  • Good for reporters when taking sneaky photos

Disadvantages of High ISO

  • Increase the noise and grain of photograph
  • More time consuming with post workouts
  • Causing for loose of quality and sharpness of photograph
  • Less accurate colors in final output

How to avoid Disadvantages of High ISO

  • Use a tripod and get the maximum from open aperture and low shutter speed
  • Use a flash/speed light or enough dim lights
  • Always find a open space with good natural lights
  • Turn bad photos to black & white
  • Learn much needed software for photographers like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop
  • Use noise cut third party software to reduce noise
  • Skip the auto mode and start manual mode so you can control ISO yourself
  • Last but not least buy a full frame camera like Sony Alpha 7 series eg : Sony a7iii, Sony a7rii, Sony a7riii, Sony a9

ISO Photography definition

From here on you better use ISO definition as Image Sensor Optimization.

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