Ring Fill light is a very useful cheap lighting source. due to its size (10 inch / 26cm), light weight and mobility its very comfortable handing in indoor low light situation.

USB is the main power source you can turn on ring light with even laptop or from personal computer power. you can use even phone charger as a power source.

If you are finding cheap reliable high efficiency light source for your day to day operational needs then don’t think twice just buy it and try it. This cheap ring light act as a comfortable lighting source and provide three temperature according to your need.

It has three variety of colors. white color, warm white color and yellow color. you can adjust the light brightness also.

Good for Professionals

  • For Beauticians / makeup artists
  • For Photographers / product / portrait / macro / art
  • For Technicians / TV / radio / computer
  • For Tattoo artists
  • For Doctors and Surgeons
  • For Decorators
  • For Video creators / youtubers / vloggers
  • For Tiktok etc…

If you have been searching for a cheap product photography lighting setup I highly recommend this cheap ring fill light for you.

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