Sony a6000 mirrorless camera guide

Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera Guide is for those who are interesting to buy a new camera, for those who already purchased Sony alpha 6000 thinking about how to start taking pictures and for those who willing to switch to this new mirrorless camera technology.

From this video tutorial series I will explain about how to customise your Sony a6000 alpha mirrorless camera,

Time to configure your Sony mirrorless camera like a pro.

Why Sony mirrorless?

  • Small form factor, light weight, and there is no moving mirror of the mirrorless camera make you less worry.
  • It is good for travel.
  • Leading Sony auto focus mechanism of Sony a6000 allow you to take sharp photos.
  • With 11fps (frames per seconds) with fast eye auto focus of this camera nothing can compare with.
  • Live view display allow user to select settings and adjust camera and same time show real time effect on photo.
  • Image and Movie technologies in this small mirrorless camera allow user to experience Sony picture profiles and
  • Sony color science with more natural human skin tones.
  • Sony e-mount Interchangeable lens range line up with good fast auto focus lens with sharp details.
  • Native Sony lens come with special less shaky option like OSS (Optical steady shoot) enabled.
  • Sony maintain same e-mount lens for their mirrorless camera range from professional to entry level cameras.
  • Opportunity of using third party lenses like Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Samyang, Viltrox, 7 Artisan
  • User have many more option and range to select best suite lens within wide price range.
  • Produce high end image quality secondly its YouTube creations. If you are a content creator this will be your entry camera.

With the correct settings and experience you can master this little pocket rocket and if you learn it well you can use this Sony a6000 camera in any circumstance without much worrying. this is a great camera with correct light and exposure you can use it even for professional work.

I have use my Sony a6000 camera with kit lens for,

  • Event photography
  • Outdoor portrait shoots
  • Kids birthday photography parties
  • Family portrait shots
  • Animal photography

Do not hesitate to ask any question regarding Sony a6000 camera.

I use Sony a6400 camera to record tutorial videos.

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