Sony Steadyshot feature allow you to take less shaky and blurry photos. normally there is a little shake on human hands when holding a camera, when you take a photograph this camera movement effect your photo sharpness. If you are using a telephoto lens then this effect is worse.

What SteadyShot dose minimize this hand shake and stabilize the footage for better sharpen and clarity photo. do not misunderstand SteadyShot feature does not control the shake 100% but it helps.

Landscape, Portrait, Wildlife photographer no matter what genre you are this SteadyShot is a handy feature to have. SteadyShot help you to get #sharp, clear, and well #focused photo. When you forget the tripod make sure to enable SteadyShot.

SteadyShot feature enable only if you are using a #Sony native lens and make sure your lens has the #Optical #SteadyShot feature. recent past Tamron, another third party lens manufacture for Sony e-mount released new set of lens which has similar mechanism like SteadyShot call Vibration Compensation.

Ok now lets see how to enable SteadyShot feature on your Sony a6000 camera.

  • There is a hand icon on your screen which is notify as Off then that mean SteadyShot feature disabled.
  • Lets go to Menu – first tab – sixth page – SteadyShot turn it On click enter.
  • Now you see the SteadyShot icon has changed to Camera and Movie. This mean now your both photo and video mode powered by SteadyShot.
  • Make sure to half press the shutter release button when taking photograph that’s how SteadyShot can activate.
  • When you use a tripod do not use SteadyShot feature it make malfunction the feature.
  • Put a shortcut key to camera function menu for easy access. See the sample footages recorded while turn on and off the SteadyShot.

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